Who is the Great I AM? (Sabbath)

Who is the Great “I AM”?

Jesus the JewI love my Christian brothers and sisters and fully sympathize with their unenviable predicament of trying to reconcile their earnest desire to believe in and worship One God of the Jewish Bible with their dogma of the “Most Blessed Trinity”! Theirs is a pitiable plight indeed!

One of the perennial scriptural favorites that my dear Church friends cite in support for their belief in Trinity is Jesus’ own words in the Gospel of John. In John 8:58, Jesus purportedly proclaims: “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”

With a noticeable triumph in their sincere voices they proceed to elucidate that the title “I AM” is the ineffable Name of the God of Israel which He discloses to Moses at the burning bush in the story of Exodus. For them the case is closed, - they have won the debate before it even started!

During one of my recent conversations on this very topic, I decided to illustrate to my Christian friends their sweet naiveté and lack of proper Scriptural education. Right after they had pointed out the two aforementioned verses from the Bible as their “ultimate proof” for Jesus’ “true identity,” I asked one of them a question: “Are you an American?” His answer was quick and to the point: “Yes, I AM!” Apparently my collocutor was just as much “god” as Jesus in the Gospels! (Did not he use the same title in his response?)

Allow me now to explain the truth of the matter to every fair-minded lover of God! First of all, the famous phrase “I AM!” was put in Jesus’ mouth by the author of the most Greek-minded Gospel in the New Testament. Just read the book carefully, paying close attention to the way the writer of the Gospel pits his intended audience against “the Jews.” In short, the Gospel according to John is one of the most anti-Semitic documents within the corpus of the NT!

Secondly, the title that Jesus allegedly ascribes to himself in the Gospel has nothing in common with the Name of God appearing in Exodus 3:14! Surprised?! Just as my fellow debater’s answer “I AM!” to the question about his national identity does not make him equal to God, so Jesus’ Greek phrase “Ego’ Eimee’” does not invoke the Sacred Name of the Almighty! There is simply no connection among them, whatsoever!

When the Living God revealed His Holy Name to Moses, He did so in the context of identifying Himself four times as “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!” As such, He confirmed that His Name shall always be “Ehye Asher Ehye!” Simply put, God said that He will always be known as the God of Israel! Besides, the Hebrew phrase “Ehye Asher Ehye” does not mean “I AM,” but rather “I SHALL BE”!


(1) If you want to prove Jesus’ divine identity from an English-speaking Bible, you are bound to end up with millions of other “I AMs” in the world! This illustrates the relationship between Greek and Hebrew as well.

(2) The Greek “Ego’ Eimee’” has no linguistic connection whatsoever to the Hebrew “Ehye Asher Ehye”! Only if John’s Gospel had been written in Hebrew, with Jesus utilizing the Holy Tongue of Hebrew, could we equate the two titles as the same. Jesus the Jew, however, would have spoken Aramaic and would never have blasphemed by ascribing the Name of the Almighty to himself!

Shabbat Shalom Table(3) Since the writer of the Gospel was a Greek-speaking Gentile, and a Jew hater at that, his testimony is self-evident! Case closed, beloved!

Have a Great Sabbath!