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This page contains laconic reflections on the matters of spiritual, historic and existential significance. Enjoy!

Columbus, Spain and Jews . . .

Spanish ShipsOn August 3, 1492 Christopher Columbus set sail on the voyage of his life. A little more than two months later he discovered the shores of what would come to be known as the New World. The Empire of Spain that had sponsored Columbus’s expedition, became the proud claimant to the untold riches of the Americas!

Spain was apparently on a winning streak that had no parallel in modern history. It had been recently unified through the marriage of Ferdinand V and Isabella I, thus making it the major European Kingdom, the undisputable master of the Seven Seas and the world power in the truest sense of that word. Spain, which having discovered and colonized the New World should have been the wealthiest of countries, was bankrupt within the short 100 years of Columbus’s First Voyage! Why?

On August 2, 1492, one day before Columbus embarked on his famous expedition, the same Crown of Castille that financed the exploration of the New World, issued an edict expelling all the Jewish People from Spain. Through that treacherous act, Spain was joining the ranks of many other nations, whose prosperity and downfall were inseparably linked to how they treated God’s Chosen People. God’s Eternal promise to bless those who bless Israel and to curse their adversaries has been fulfilled through the course of history with uncanny precision and persistence! (Genesis 12).

Just take a look at the Slavic nations of Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, etc. All of them enjoy incredibly rich natural resources, amiable climate and hard-working people. All of them, however, live and labor under the burden of a heavy curse, self-imposed through their vicious anti-Semitism and hate toward the Jews!

Today, any given nation’s treatment of the Jewish People is measured not only by their attitude toward the Jewish population within their borders, but, first and foremost, by their support or hostility toward the State of Israel! Will the US go down in history as the blessed of the LORD or will it unite with those who bear the curse of the Almighty?


King Antiochus and His Own god

Antiochus IV EpiphanesThe historical account, found in the First Book of Maccabees, states regarding the Greek King Antiochus IV Epiphanies (which means “god manifest): “Then the king wrote to his whole kingdom that all should be one people, and that all should give up their ancestral customs. All the Gentiles accepted the command of the king. . Many even from Israel adopted his religion; they sacrificed to idols and profaned the Sabbaths.” (I Mac. 1:41-43) - Do you know what his religion was?

King Antiochus was a proud worshipper of the cult of “Ba’al Shamen,” which means in translation “Lord of the Heavens.” In fact he sincerely believed that his god was the same deity that the Jews referred to as their “Most High God.” None of the true monotheists in Israel, however, could ever accept that falsehood. This “god manifest in flesh” lived and reigned in the second century BCE (175-164 BCE)!

By establishing his deity’s cult in Jerusalem and the rest of Israel, Antiochus ruled that all the Jewish biblical and ancestral customs were unlawful. Thus, for instance, anyone keeping the Seventh-day Sabbath, circumcising their infants, observing the kosher laws of the Bible, etc, were mercilessly butchered at the king’s command!

Do you see some startling parallels with Christianity here? Christendom desperately wants everyone to think that they worship the God of the Bible, the same One who created Heavens and Earth (The Living God of Israel).  No one, however, who has studied the Hebrew Scriptures even in a perfunctory way, could ever buy into that falsehood! The Church has also been desperate in replacing the biblical teachings and holy days with her own feast days and customs, very much as Antiochus did a long time ago! Who is your God, beloved? Have you done your homework, or do you worship a three-partite deity of Christendom?

Come, beloved, let us reason together and discover the Living God who loves you and desires for you to come into the knowledge of His truth!


What's Wrong with I John 5:7-8?

Christ TrinityIt is a fascinating fact that the doctrine of Trinity, (a three-partite god of Christendom), did not originate with the Catholic Church but was instead “borrowed” from ancient paganism and then conveniently “baptized” to suit the needs of the Church! Over time the text of the New Testament was also “modified” to prove that god of the Church was a three-headed deity indeed!

 Thus, for instance, the New Testament text of I John 5:7-8, considered to be one of the best Trinitarian “proof-texts” in the Bible, is a Medieval forgery! It is known in the world of textual scholarship as Comma Johanneum (transl. – “the short clause of John”)? It reads: “For there are three that bear witness in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness on earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one.” (I John 5:7-8) Did you know that this particular text was nowhere to be found in the Greek manuscripts of the New Testament up until . . . the 16th century CE!!!

In other words, the text of the New Testament “languished” without this “powerful” Church text for fifteen hundred years, until Christendom decided to “improve” its own Scriptures! In the early 1500s a Catholic Scholar, Erasmus of Rotterdam, came under pressure from the Church authorities and was “persuaded” to insert this text into his Greek compilation of the New Testament, which subsequently came to be known as “Textus Receptus.” The infamous Comma appears only in the third edition of his work, published in 1522!

To put it more bluntly, the passage of I John 5:7-8 was yet another “pious” forgery, perpetrated by the Church scribes in order to bolster the authority and weight of the Catholic doctrine of the “Most Blessed Trinity”! In light of this evidence, there arises a legitimate question: “If such Trinitarian “heavyweights” as Matthew 28:19 and I John 5:7-8 are no more than mere frauds, then what is the 2 billion-strong Christian Church based upon . . . fraud?!!!

At “The Rock of Israel” we expose all such falsehood, calling the world back to the Living God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Who is One and Only, unlike the pagan Trinity of Christendom! Where do you stand today?


Sabbath or Sunday?

Constantine's SignHave you ever wondered as to why Christendom worships on Sunday, the first day of the week, instead of on the Sabbath, prescribed for the people of God in the Bible? Although the New Testament tells us that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the first day of the week, the injunction to keep the seventh-day Sabbath is never changed either in the Hebrew Scriptures or the New Testament itself! The schism of the pagan Church from the faith of Jesus of Nazareth, namely Judaism, grew steadily over the course of the first few centuries CE. The break became irreparable only in the 4th century CE.

In the 4th century CE Christianity stood poised and ready to make a clean break with its ancestral faith of Judaism. It eventually left the life of Torah obedience behind and embarked on a journey that would bring it unprecedented growth in numbers, wealth and power over the next two thousand years!

It all began with the supposed conversion of a pagan Roman Emperor Constantine. Constantine the Great became the Emperor of Rome after he won the Battle against his archrival Maxentius in 312 CE. The legend tells us that prior to the most decisive battle between these rivals for the throne of Rome, Constantine saw a heavenly vision of the Cross rising from the rays of the Sun. The words: “In this sign conquer!” became legendary as well.

It is important to remember that Constantine was prone to visions of this kind! A few years before this event, he claimed to have seen the Sun-god Sol in a grove of Apollo in Gaul! In addition to the socio-political situation within the Empire, these two visions became decisive in creating a new religious cult, - the Cross-centered sun worship, with the “venerable day of the Sun” as a logical choice for the worship day of the new imperial cult. In a stroke of genius, Constantine united pagans and Christians into the novel faith of his Empire!

Replacing the biblical Sabbath with Sunday was, in fact, part and parcel of the Church’s deliberate policy of Replacement. The place of the One God of Israel and His Chosen Nation was taken by the three-headed deity of Trinity and the faithful of the Church, God-appointed feasts and ordinances were replaced with Church-ordained days and practices, etc. Who do you worship and obey today: the Holy One of Israel or the invented idol of the Trinity?


Krishna, Trinity or God?

Krishna and friendsWe all long to find an ultimate meaning to our lives, don’t we? At the end of the day, we want our lives really to count for eternity and, perhaps, even beyond it! Most of us discover, sooner or later, that the ultimate meaning in life can come only through our interaction with the Ultimate Being, - Creator of the Cosmos itself. If we have spent our lives serving Him (her, it, them or whatever else you may call your particular god), we perceive that our existence has been meaningful and we may expect to receive an eternal reward from the one (or many) that we worshipped and obeyed!

In light of this fact, allow me to pose a few serious questions for your deliberation:

- What would you think of a devout follower of the god Krishna, who has spent his time, energy and resources making disciples for that Hindu Deity?  (Among the host of Hindu gods, Krishna is believed to be the “exact representation” or avatar of the Supreme God of Hinduism, namely, Vishnu!) Would you consider such a life to be supremely meaningful?

- What would you make of the life of a pious Catholic, perhaps a Pope, who has dedicated his entire existence to bringing the world into the fold of the Romish Church, making his converts faithful worshipers of a triune deity called the Trinity (along with a host of saints and the Virgin Mary, of course)? Would you believe that this man (woman) has truly accomplished the ultimate purpose for their existence?

- Can the life of a big-time Protestant evangelist be considered as the acme of success in the eyes of the LORD? Take Billy Graham, for example! The man spent more than half a century discipling the mega crowds and making them worshippers of the same three-headed pantheon that the Catholic Church invented in the fourth century CE? Could that be construed as the ultimate success?

The Word of God paints a different picture, however: “Thus says the LORD of hosts: ‘In those days ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you. . . The Gentiles shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say, “Surely our fathers have inherited lies, worthlessness and unprofitable things.”’” (Zech 8:23; Jer. 16:19)

Have you come to the One and Only Fountain of Life and Truth, - the Holy One of Jacob!


Trinity . . . Christian or Egyptian?

Egyptian godsA long time ago, thousands of years before the birth of Christian religion, the land of Egypt was filled with worshippers of a multiplicity of strange and bizarre deities. Long before the first Christian missionary brought the message of his Triune god to the “pagans” of the world, Egyptians worshipped their own Trinity! 

Writes Siegfried Morenz, author of “Egyptian Religion”: “In the Leiden hymns, (sacred songs dedicated to the worship of the Egyptian Trinity), Amun, Ptah, and Re are regarded as a trinity who are distinct gods but with unity in plurality." [1] – Notice how the language used by polytheistic Egyptians to describe their three-in-one god, namely: “Unity in plurality!”- is the same mode of expression employed by Christians of today to explain the god of the Church!

Other scholars weigh in: "The three gods are one yet the Egyptian elsewhere insists on the separate identity of each of the three." [2] This unity in plurality is expressed in one text: "All gods are three: Amun, Re and Ptah, whom none equals. He who hides his name as Amun, he appears to the face as Re, his body is Ptah." [3] – Astonishing, isn’t it? According to all appearances, the world today is just as idolatrous and polytheistic as the Bible describes it!

The fact of the matter is: Two billion Christians in the world today do not worship the LORD God of the Bible, Who is One and Whose Name is One (Zech. 14:9), but revere the ancient pagan deity of heathens! Throughout thousands of years of human history, there has been but one people who have faithfully preserved the knowledge and truth of the Living God, the Creator of all things! That people are the Jews and the truth is in the Hebrew Scriptures! Are you in a good company? Come, beloved, come back to the One God of Israel and to the Truth of His Word!


[1] Egyptian Religion: Siegfried Morenz, Translated by Ann E. Keep, Cornell University Press, 1992, p.144-145,ISBN 0-8014-8029-9
[2] "Before Philosophy", Henri Frankfort, John A. Wilson, Thorkild Jacobsen, p. 75, Pelican, 1951
[3] "Of God and Gods", Jan Assmann. p. 64, University of Wisconsin Press, 2008, ISBN 029922554


 Who is Right?

All ReligionsOnce upon a time, in the sea of human idolatry and polytheism, there stood firm only one true monotheistic faith, - the faith of Israel in the One Living God of Heaven and Earth! They worshipped the LORD God of Israel and revered His Word, the Torah! Judaism lifted the Name of the One Living God for thousands of years until . . .

Christianity came along in the first century CE, claiming to have replaced Israel as God’s Chosen people! It declared that God was in effect a “compounded Trinity” and that His eternal Torah was now replaced by the Church’s laws and traditions! Without any qualms, the Church “commandeered” the truths of the Hebrew Scriptures, applying all of them to itself instead of to the People of Israel! The Church proceeded to rule the world unchallenged until . . .

Islam sprang up as if from Abyss in the 7th century CE, declaring that both the Jews and Christians got it all wrong, and that Mohammad was the last true prophet of Allah. Having borrowed heavily from both the Torah and Christian writings, Islam declared that its Quran had now superseded the sacred books of Jews and Christians! Islam locked horns with the Church, battling for supremacy until . . .

Sikhism came along in the 15th century CE, professing that although all the preceding religious traditions, namely Torah, New Testament and Quran were from God, it was the Sikhism’s Guru Nanak who came to transmit the “new and uncorrupted revelation” to humankind! The sacred writings of the Sikhs became a potpourri of all the previous traditions as well. The followers of the Guru deemed themselves the chosen ones, until . . .

Bahai Faith was born in the 19th century, proclaiming that all religions were in fact the “emanations of the divine and progressive stages of human religious evolution.” Unsurprisingly, Bahai Faith was believed to be of the highest and purest order within this “evolutionary” chain!

In this short reflection we simply don’t have time or space to touch upon the multitudes of subgroups and sub-sects within these big movements, such as the Latter-day Saints (Mormons) or Seventh-day Adventists, for example, all of whom have their own “last” prophet and follow their own fanciful interpretations!

But here is a logical conclusion to what we have said so far: If the Torah of the Almighty is true, then Judaism is valid forever; if Christianity is true, then Judaism has been annulled; if Islam is true, then both Judaism and Christianity are false religions; if Sikhism is true, then Judaism, Christianity and Islam are obsolete; and if Bahai Faith is true, then all the preceding religions are outdated today; the list could be continued, depending on which fanciful tradition you wish to claim as a “divine revelation.”

The fact of the matter, however, is simple: Only Judaism and Torah did not have to borrow or steal from other traditions to establish its own claims. Only Judaism, Torah and their faith in One God continue to lift up the name of the One and Only True Living God! Are you in?


The Greatest Miracle . . .

Israel's Flag and WallStarting in the 14th century CE, the Medieval Europe began to emerge from the oppressive darkness of the Church-ruled world. The era of Renaissance, hailed as the “rebirth of knowledge and reason,” promised to set humanity free from the clutches of the power-hungry Church and liberate human minds from the poison of religion!

Intellectuals, scholars and busybodies of all calibers and abilities set about the task of “demythologizing” the biblical text. Employing the newly-acquired tools of textual criticism they promised to expose the Bible as a purely human document! All the miracles and supernatural phenomena within the text were declared to be inventions and old-wives’ fables!

As time went by, their wanton vitriol against biblical assertion that God intervenes into human history and affairs won many adherents and seemed as if it would carry the day with it after all. But then something real happened! . . .

You see . . . even if they deny the reality of the world-wide flood and the colossal Ark of Noah; even if they say that the Great Exodus of Israel from Egypt never happened; even if they claim that King David was a mythological person who never really ruled over Israel; even if they want us to believe that all the promises given in the Bible are but words of human beings . . . they could never deny one of the greatest real-life miracles witnessed by the millions of people who are still around us! That miracle is the rebirth of Israel in her ancestral Land, promised to them on oath by the Most High God!

Listen to this: “The LORD has made known his victory; he has revealed his vindication in the sight of the nations (Gentiles). He has remembered his steadfast love and faithfulness to the house of Israel. All the ends of the earth have seen the victory of our God.” (Ps. 98:2-3) – On May 14th, 1948 the entire world of Gentiles witnessed God’s faithfulness in action! There are more than 40 prophetic texts in the Hebrew Bible that predict the restoration of the Jewish nation in their own homeland, - they have all been coming to pass in front of our very eyes!

The Word of God once again triumphed over the word of man! The Rebirth of Israel has put to an everlasting shame any so-called “re-birth” of human reason that denies the authority of God’s Torah and the reality of His plan for humankind! Are you part of His Covenant People?


Modern-Day David

David and GoliathHow many times have we heard the snickering words of disbelief thrown at the biblical passages that describe God’s supernatural intervention into human realm of things? Many a modern man, overly educated in accordance with the stifling guidelines of secular humanism and dry rationalism, concluded that all such texts are mere fairytales, invented by their respective authors. One such text is the passage in I Samuel 17.

In it young David defeats the mountain of a man, called Goliath! The explanations for how it could happen range from assertions that all giants possess a poor peripheral vision to statements that the Bible exaggerates the height and size of Goliath, to the propositions that the entire account is a pure fiction altogether! Well . . . three thousand years after the biblical episode took place, another David met and defeated another Goliath! This time no disbelieving skeptic could deny the reality of God’s miracle, though!

On the day when the birth of the State of Israel was officially proclaimed by David Ben-Gurion (May 14, 1948), the tiny country was assailed by the five neighboring Arab nations (Do you remember how many stones the original David had in his pouch . . .  five! Obviously he was ready to take care of five Goliaths, if necessary!) The modern-day miracle of biblical proportions found 600,000 Jews defending themselves against 45 million hostile Arabs, while neither the United Nations nor the United States did anything to stop another apparent Holocaust!

Young and little Israel, (led by a man named David), with virtually no heavy artillery, no tanks or airplanes had to repel the aggression and to defend itself against the combined forces of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq! Talk about the overwhelming odds stacked up against them! And yet the Jews won an overwhelming military victory, putting all the Arabs of the region to shame and flight!

The same story would be repeated over the course of all successive wars with the Arab Armada! Since 1948, Israel’s David has knocked the Gentile Goliath down five times (remember how many stones biblical David had in his pouch . . . five)!  The story of modern Israel brings to life the truth of the Hebrew Scriptures, beloved, witnessing to the God of Israel, Who is still Alive, Well and Watching over His Covenantal People! Do you stand with the Chosen Nation or against it today?


 God or Sacrifice?

Passover LambThe singular greatest affront that a human being or society can commit against the Living God of the Bible is idolatry! According to the Hebrew Scriptures, idolatry is worship or veneration of anything other than the LORD God of Israel! How then did the Christian world come to worship a Sacrificial Lamb instead of the God who has provided that lamb? In contradiction to Christ’s explicit command, many within Christendom have ceased to pray to the Holy One of Israel and have been addressing their petitions straight to Jesus, Mary or other intermediaries!

What does the sacred history teach us? What was the primary reason for the destruction and dispersion of the Jewish people throughout their long and turbulent history? The Bible instructs us that whenever the Jewish People began reposing their trust for deliverance and salvation in the sacrifice instead of the God who ordained that sacrifice, their doom was sealed!

Thus, the capture of the Ark of the Covenant by the Philistines in I Samuel 4 and the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem served to teach the Chosen Nation that salvation comes not from the “magic or merit” of a sacrificial offering, but proceeds from the LORD God of Israel who prescribed the offering in the first place! Strangely and unfortunately, it has always been easier for human flesh to trust in the blood spilled on the altar of sacrifice than to walk in obedience to the Living God!

Has the world changed since those memorable events described in the Holy Writ? What do we see in the Church today? Unfortunately, the Christian religion is guilty of the same trend that cost the Jewish People their freedom, their land and their lives! The central focus of Christian theology is not on the Holy One of Israel, as it should be according to the Scriptures, but on the Sacrificial Lamb, provided by the LORD!

The reason behind this theology is quite understandable: it is so much easier to profess that all of our sins, (both past and future), have been washed away in the blood of this sacrifice than it is to walk in the fear and obedience to the God who requires of us the keeping of His Commandments! (The Catholic Indulgencies, by the way, which were the fountainhead of all the ecclesiastical corruption, Crusades, Inquisition, etc, stem from the same attitude!)

The Scriptural remedy for this sin is the same both for the Jews and the rest of the world as well: “Remember these, O Jacob, and Israel, for you are My servant; I have formed you, you are My servant;

O Israel, you will not be forgotten by Me! I have blotted out, like a thick cloud, your transgressions, and like a cloud, your sins. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.” (Is. 44:21-22)

Have you returned to the Holy God of Jacob or do you still place your trust in the altar and its sacrifice?


The LOGOS and the Lamb

Jesus the MessiahThe Gospel of John is a fascinating piece of “biblical” literature. It is wholly unlike the rest of the Synoptic Gospels in that it portrays Jesus Christ as the Divine LOGOS and the Lamb of God.

The notion of the Divine LOGOS is an ancient Greek idea, predating the writing of the Gospel by at least 6oo years. Unfortunately, it created more confusion and error than the author of “John” intended when he borrowed that old pagan concept and adapted it for his Christian audience.

The concept of a sacrificial lamb, on the other hand, is a thoroughly Jewish and biblical idea. Did John succeed in using that metaphor when he styled Jesus Christ as “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world”? Let us find out!

The question is: “Which Lamb does Jesus represent?” - Is he a sin-offering lamb as prescribed in Leviticus or the Passover Lamb as foreshadowed in Exodus? You may never have thought about this in earnest, but, technically speaking, he can hardly be either of them if the Bible is to be taken seriously! Why?

In the Book of Leviticus the animals prescribed for sin offering do not include lambs as suitable for that purpose! The proper sacrifices include: bulls, male or female goats, female sheep and rams (but no lambs whatsoever!) (See it for yourself: Lev. 4-5). The lambs were used in Israel for a fellowship offering twice a day, symbolizing the shared meal between God and His human family.
If one were to argue that Jesus represents the Passover Lamb, one’s argument is rendered invalid by the fact that the Passover Lamb was not a sacrifice for sin but rather represented an Egyptian Deity whose blood was boldly displayed by the Israelites as their final and irrevocable sign of devotion to the One God of Israel!

Here is a conclusion: Even if Jesus is the Sacrificial Lamb, the High Priest in the order of Melchizedek, the Messiah of Israel, etc, our faith, devotion, worship and praise belong to the Only One worthy of them – the Living God of Israel! The worship of the Messiah, the High Priest or the Sacrificial Lamb in any shape or form is idolatrous!

Where do you put your trust and faith today: in a sacrificial animal or the Living God of Jacob?


Was Jesus a Greek-speaking Gentile - God Forbid?!

Jesus and Pharisees taxHave you ever thought that the famous conversation between Jesus Christ and his Pharisaic opponents, in which Jesus quotes Psalm 110 to prove that the Messiah (Christ) is equal to the Father and is of divine origin, could only have happened if both Jesus and his Jewish friends were Greek-speaking Gentiles, completely unversed in the Hebrew Tongue of the Scriptures!  I hope we all know, however, that along with his Pharisaic collocutors, Jesus of Nazareth studied and quoted the Scriptures in its original Hebrew! The thought is truly startling, isn’t it?! That dialogue is recorded in all the Synoptic Gospels and other places within the New Testament. (See Matt. 22:41-46; Mark 12:35-37; Luke 20:41-43)

Allegedly by quoting the following passage, Jesus put to silence his opponents: “While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, “What do you think about the Christ [Messiah]? Whose son is he?” “The son of David,” they replied. He said to them, “How is it then that David, speaking by the Spirit, calls him ‘Lord’? For he says, “‘The Lord said to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet.” If then David calls him ‘Lord,’ how can he be his son?” No one could say a word in reply, and from that day on no one dared to ask him any more questions.” (Matt. 22:41-46)

Unlike in the original Hebrew, (which Jesus the Jew presumable knew quite well), Greek and all the other translations do not differentiate between the Covenantal Name of God and the word “adonee” translated as “Lord” in the NT! Hence the confusion brought about by one “Lord” speaking to another “Lord.” Both of them appear to be “Lords” of the same stature.

In Hebrew, on the other hand, the first “LORD” is the personal Name of YHWH, whereas the second “Lord” is a purely human term of address! (Those are two completely different and unrelated words in Hebrew!) Thus, Jesus’ words in Matthew 22 and other NT passages, often used as “proof” that Christ is the Second Person within the Divine Trio, would only work in Greek, Russian, Chinese, English, etc. The quote has no meaning whatsoever in the language in which it was composed!

See the entire reflection entitled: “The LORD said to my lord – To Whom is the LORD Speaking Here?” on our website! Please, remember, - the unexamined faith rests on falsehood!


Heavenly Families? . . .

Greek GodsThe following thought was among the strongest inducements that eventually made me rethink my spiritual path and leave the fold of idolatrous faith:

We all know that according to the Jewish Scriptures God the Father and the People of Israel are depicted as Husband and Wife. They are in the Covenantal Relationship that presupposes trust and fidelity! This Covenant is declared to be perpetual! In other words, God of Israel and the Nation of Israel comprise a family or a conjugal unit!

The Christian Church, however, insists that ever since the coming of the Second Person of the Trinity, she has replaced the People of Israel as the Chosen Vessel. Christendom teaches that God-the-Son (Jesus Christ) is the Bridegroom of the Church! Their marriage is to be finalized and consummated upon His Second Coming!

We know that in accord with Christian teachings, God-the-Son is not God-the-Father, (although they are presumably of the same “ousia” substance), but a separate person within the pantheon of Trinity. The Church, on the other hand, is not the “Old Testament Israel” that lives by the laws of Torah and rejects the notion of a three-partite deity of Christendom. Since God the Father is never mentioned to be the Husband or even Bridegroom of the Church, (not even in the New Testament), we assume that He is still the Husband of Israel (an estranged one, though, - insists the Church)!

What are we left with then? We are left with a couple of “heavenly” families: the Old Man (God the Father) has Israel as His Soul-Mate, while His Young Offspring (God-the Son) is about to marry his beautiful Bride-to-be! How romantic and how heathen, indeed!

The one thing needful at this point is to find a match for the third “guy” within Trinity, - the Holy Ghost. (Unless, of course, he is really a “she,” as some dear Christians want to believe). For surely, upon seeing the first two “persons” married blissfully to their respective “mates,” the third individual of the divine Trio will want to shed his status of the bachelor as well! It is clear that the faith of the Christian Church is no different than the ancient polytheistic myths of the Greco-Roman world, in which a host of deities enjoyed all the carnal pleasures of our human imagination! 

What do you think, mate?! Are you part of polytheistic heathendom or the House of One True God of Israel? The Choice is yours!


Pagan Personification

Greek gods 1Following the ancient path of pagan mythology, Early Christianity borrowed a Scriptural concept of the Word of God, and, through Greco-Roman personification of deities, created the Second Person of the Divine Trio out of it! Even though Jesus of Nazareth called his followers to worship our Heavenly Father alone, (see John 4:21-ff), the Church has strayed into the prevalent polytheism of the world, commanding its subjects to worship a three-partite deity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost (see the falsified passage of Matthew 28:19)!

Although it is an inescapable fact that everything that proceeds out of the Living God is divine by definition, the practice of personifying the various attributes of God is a purely heathen endeavor, alien to the very Spirit of the Bible! Thus, the concept of the “Divine LOGOS” had existed in pagan Greek mythology for hundreds of years prior to Christianity’s arrival. Allow me to demonstrate what the Greco-Roman custom of deification of ideas and things looks like in practice!

The Book of Proverbs is replete with references to God’s Wisdom, who is calling on people to walk in the ways of the LORD! In Proverbs 8, the Wisdom of God is portrayed as a person who helps the Lord during His Creation week! Some Christian commentators have attempted to equate her with Jesus, whom they want to style as the co-creator with the Almighty. All would be fine and dandy, except for the fact that Wisdom is feminine in the Hebrew original. Was the Pre-incarnate Christ a Feminine Deity? A better question is: “Was there a pre-incarnate deity at all?”

By the way, the Spirit of the LORD is also a feminine noun in Hebrew (it is neuter in the NT Greek!) Are we then left with Father, Son and Holy Mother? That’s paganism, my friends! Surrounded by heathen cultures, whose gods copulated, married and divorced, Israel has always stood alone in their covenantal faith in One Living God of Israel!

Here is another example: in Exodus 16:10 and numerous other passages, the Glory of the LORD seems to possess an independent existence. She is definitely divine! She is also most certainly feminine! Are we to surmise then that God the Father has a harem up in heaven?! God forbid!

In Isaiah 51:9 and 53:1, the Arm of the LORD is addressed by the prophet as if she had a separate identity and power as well! At this point of our “theological” inquiry we have “discovered” at least three divine consorts of the God of the Bible! What is our conclusion then?!

It is crystal clear to every clear-minded individual that all of these instances are poetic in their nature and are not designed to describe a multiplicity of heavenly deities, co-creating, co-existing and co-copulating up in heaven, - Heaven forbid! When Christianity separated itself from the strict monotheism of the Jews, they strayed into the dangerous waters of idolatry, paganism and polytheism, which they continue embracing even till the present day!

Believing that the Word of God is divine is not idolatrous! Creating the Second Person of the Divine Pantheon out of it is! Where do you stand today!


Who is to Convert?

Priest and CrossFor thousands of years Christian Church has denied, suppressed and repudiated the Jewishness of the man whom they styled as the Second Deity within a three-headed God of Trinity. For the same duration of time, they have done all in their power to convert, disperse or destroy the people of the Jewish Messiah!

The status of the official religion of the pagan Roman Empire brought Christianity the long-coveted power and influence. The Church proceeded to use them with a frightening efficiency and ruthless determination! A theological dialogue between the Gentile Christianity and its now distant root-faith of Judaism was transformed into an obsession to convert the stubborn Jewish monotheists to the new Trinitarian faith. Death or exile was the only other option!

By inaugurating their relentless Conversion Campaign of the Jews, the Church had taken over the same mission that the Canaanite Nations had failed to accomplish during their long sojourn by the side of God’s faithful monotheists!

By fair means or foul: through financial inducements and boycotts, persecutions and expulsions, Crusades and Inquisition, pogroms and campaigns of sheer extermination, the missionary zeal of the Church has endeavored to “save the souls of unbelieving Jews.” The People of the Book have withstood the madness of their Christian neighbors, refusing to change their biblical monotheism for the polytheistic faith of the Church.

Even after Vatican II, (the 21st Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church, 1962-1965), which stated that the Jewish People should not be targeted for conversion, the missionary drive to “turn the Jews into good Christians” has not really subsided among the Evangelical-minded denominations. How ironic, sad and yet very predictable is the fact that the idolatrous religions of this world have always tried to make the Jewish lovers of One God change their allegiance and become just “like every other nation.”

Thus, for instance, millions of dollars are spent annually by the Church and her proxies, such as “Jews for Jesus” Movement, in order to “bring the Jews to Christ”. Which means, of course, to make them part of the Christian Church and, therefore, worshipers of the Triune Deity! 

At the end of the day, however, it is not the Jews who need to convert and “discover the truth,” (after all, they are the ones who have stubbornly preserved the truth of One God and His Torah in the face of the world’s persecution and idolatry)! It is Christians and all the other polytheists who are to come back to the faith and knowledge of the Holy One of Israel!

Then the following prophecies will be fulfilled: “In that day it shall be— “Adonai is One,” and His name One." For “This is what the LORD Almighty says: “In those days ten people from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, ‘Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.’ . . . The Gentiles shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say, “Surely our fathers have inherited lies, worthlessness and unprofitable things.”  (Zech. 14:9; 8:23; Jer. 16:19) – This is the true mission of God and His People! Are you in?


Is Your Faith Absurd?!

FaithSomeone once stated that all things are known properly only in comparison! Let us compare the biblical definition of faith in One God with the one concocted by the Church, shall we?

Here is the Scriptural Creed: “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is One (alone)!” (Deut. 6:4) – This creedal statement, along with the People entrusted with it, has survived thousands of years of assault and persecution! In spite of that, the Jewish Monotheists still cling to their Faith in the Holy One of Israel!

Now, let us hear the exposition of the Church’s Faith! Please, read slowly and carefully, as it is quite obtuse (purposely so, I believe)! Here it is, coming straight from the horse’s mouth, - the Official Catechism of the Catholic Church:

“253 The Trinity is One. . . The divine persons do not share the one divinity among themselves but each of them is God whole and entire: "The Father is that which the Son is, the Son that which the Father is, the Father and the Son that which the Holy Spirit is . . . 
 . . . BUT . . .
254 . . ."He is not the Father who is the Son, nor is the Son he who is the Father, nor is the Holy Spirit he who is the Father or the Son. . . .” (CCC, p.82-86) – Regardless of the fact that these two statements are positioned right next to each other in the aforementioned Catechism, they are totally contradictory and mutually exclusive!

It seems that when it comes to pagan faiths, the more obscure, mysterious and absurd the statements are, the better they are received by the faithful! The entire Christendom, including all of Protestantism, has inherited the same Credo and worship the same “compounded” deity that the Catholic Mother has created for them!

Interestingly enough, defending the tenets of Mainstream Christianity, Tertullian, one of the most famous Early Church Fathers, is known to have exclaimed: “Credo quia absurdum”“I believe because it is absurd!” [De Carme Christi, Tertullian]. The entire case is sad not only because it is an utter absurdity, but because it is unbiblical and heathen to boot!

Are you part of the absurd faith? If you are, then our Heavenly Father is calling unto you: “Come, let us reason together!” (Is. 1:18) Come, beloved, come to the One True and Living God, - the Mighty One of Jacob! Let us leave the absurdity of nonsense in the past!


The Shortest Sermon

IsaiahDo you know who was the first one to preach a very laconic and yet most powerful sermon on the Oneness of God! It was the same person that performed the First Marriage, - the LORD God of Heaven!

Here it is: “Listen to Me, O Jacob, and Israel, My Chosen: I am He, I am the First, I am also the Last.” (Is. 48:12) – Although the sermon is fully self-explicable, a little exposition is in order here!

- “I am He . . .” – I am not “them” as in the pantheon of Trinity!
- “I am the First . . .” – I have no Father!
- “I am the Last . . .” – I have no Son!

How else could the LORD have made this truth more forceful? The Bible also leaves no room either for Son-God or God-the-Son! There is only One God, beloved, only One!

Through Isaiah, the LORD reminds His people that He is One and Only: “Keep silence before Me, O coastlands . . . Who has performed and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? ‘I, the LORD, am the first; and with the last I am He.’ . . . Thus says the LORD, the King of Israel, and his Redeemer, the LORD of hosts: ‘I am the First and I am the Last; Besides Me there is no God. . . You are My witnesses. Is there a God besides Me? Indeed there is no other Rock; I know not one.’” (Is. 44:1-4,6,8)

Jesus the Messiah was anointed by this One God to lead the world back to the Mighty One of Jacob and His Torah! The Church, unfortunately, created its own religion, whose falsehoods have led one-third of humankind away from the Living God!

The truth, beloved, has raised her voice up to heaven and is crying out her message from the rooftops! Will you not come to the Holy One of Israel and find true peace for your souls?! 

The Rock of Israel loves you!


Saved Through Islam?! . . .

Christianity vs IslamHave you ever thought that if the Almighty had not permitted Islam to rise to world prominence with the meteoric speed that it enjoyed, the truth of God’s Word would have been nowhere to be found today?

By the time the Prophet Muhammad began “receiving” his revelations in a cave on Mount Hira, near Mecca, Christianity had become the dominant power of the then-known world, passionately bent on destroying all the “disagreeable elements” that stood in her way to complete and unquestioned dominion over the bodies and souls of her subjects! The gloom of the Dark Ages covered the Earth!

The brunt of that assault was directed by the “peace-loving” Church against the group of people that stubbornly defied the faith in a three-headed Deity and the New World Order it entailed! Those people were the Jewish Monotheists! They were the keepers of the Sacred Hebrew Scriptures that contained an unadulterated truth about One God, His Messiah and the Chosen People (all three of these cardinal points of theology have been altered by the Mother Church)!

If only the Church could wipe these folks off the face of the Earth and destroy their “Jewish Writings,” her monopoly on belief and practice would have been absolute! With the “stubborn Jews” out of the way, no one would ever question her pagan beliefs in a strange Tripartite Deity, the Messiah turned the Second Body within the Pantheon, and the Church styled as the new Chosen People of the Almighty! 

Praised be the LORD God of Israel, however, Who preserved the Eternal Nation even in the face of the most determined threat of annihilation! Islam was granted a swift rise to prominence as a counterbalance to the Church Universal. Just as Christendom rejected the LORD God of Israel in favor of their own Trinity, so Muslims rejected the deity of the Church and proclaimed that Allah was the only true god with Muhammad as his last genuine prophet.

When two Religious Beasts locked their ugly horns in the struggle for dominance and power, the Remnant of Israel obtained a much needed respite to continue its Eternal Task of being the “Light unto the Gentiles”! That time God’s salvation for His flock truly came out of the blue!

The following remains to be true even today: while all Christians worship the Trinity and all Muslims revere Allah, the “stubborn Jews” continue to be faithful to the God of the Bible, - the LORD God of Israel! Are you part of the “Light unto the Gentiles”?


A New Covenant Believer? . . .

RainbowWe have all heard the expression, - “A New Covenant Believer,” - have not we? It is often employed by the devotees of many Christian denominations and sects in their "dialogue” with representatives of other religious thoughts. The phrase is supposed to mark its Christian confessors as “living under grace and not under the Law,” and, therefore, as totally separate from those who claim that God’s Law is still binding on His people, such as Jews, for example!

The expression is ancient in its origin and has been used for ages to “rebuke” all the so-called Judaizers, heretics and other disagreeable elements within the Church. The very division of our Bibles into the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament” was designed to convey the idea that the Church’s Covenant with God has replaced His Covenant with the People of Israel! It is a classic example of the Replacement Theology, upon which the Christian Church is founded! Let us try to comprehend what this particular term really means and whether the Church has utilized it in a legitimate way!

The phrase in question is not a New Testament invention, by any means. It first appears in the Hebrew Bible and belongs to the pen of Jeremiah the Prophet. In its original context, the “New Covenant” prophecy of Jeremiah is an integral part of his predictions that the dispersed children of Israel will once again be reunited as an undivided monarchy, guided by the God of Israel and His Eternal Law.

Writing in the time of the Babylonian captivity, Jeremiah prophecies that both the House of Judah (the Southern Kingdom of Israel), and the House of Israel (the Northern Kingdom of Israel) will be brought together and become one Nation once again! “Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah . . .” (Jer. 31:31)

As a result of this New Covenant, the words of the Law that the LORD inscribed on stone tablets and gave Moses on Mount Sinai will be embossed on the hearts and minds of His Covenantal People:  “I will put My Law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (v.33)

Our awesome God confirms this promise with a solemn oath: “Thus says the LORD, who gives the sun for a light by day, the ordinances of the moon and the stars for a light by night . . . “If those ordinances depart from before Me, says the LORD, then the seed of Israel shall also cease from being a nation before Me forever.” Thus says the LORD: “If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, I will also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, says the LORD.” (Jer. 31: 35-37)

Evidently there is no such thing as a “New Covenant Christian”! The New Covenant is confirmed between the LORD God of Israel and His faithful monotheists, the Remnant of Israel! The rest of the world is outside of that Covenant! However, they are more than welcome to humble themselves before God, come to the Jewish monotheists, confess their sin of idolatry (Trinity, etc), embrace the LORD God of Israel as their only God and Creator and become part of His Eternal Nation!


The Fraudulent Great Comission?

Matthew 28:19Have you ever thought that the very heart of the Christian religion, its most central mission statement is based on a fraudulent text? I was stunned when I first discovered that the Great Christian Commission to baptize the entire world in the name of the triune deity was a much later addition to the text of Matthean Gospel.

As a grand finale to his narrative, the author of the Gospel of Matthew relates a dramatic scene during which the risen Jesus gives the eleven disciples his most crucial final commandment: “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit . . .” (Matt. 28:18-19) - This is the Church’s famous “Trinitarian baptismal formula”!

This text, along with a few other “pious” insertions into the Greek manuscripts, such as I John 5:7-8, has served the Church for the past millennia as its most trusted “proof” that God is in fact a “compounded trinity” instead of One God of Israel, as Judaism stubbornly insists. Unfortunately for the Church, however, we have a wealth of evidence, both internal to the text of the New Testament and of an external character as well, that testifies against this fraud!

First of all, none of Jesus’ apostles are ever recorded as following his most crucial injunction for their ministry! Thus, the apostle Peter completely disregards his “Lord’s” imperative, when, on the famous Day of Pentecost, he proclaims that all are to be baptized “in the name of Jesus Christ”! (Acts 2:38-39)

In fact, the Chief Apostle “blows” it repeatedly: neither the believers in Samaria, whom he baptizes in conjunction with the Apostle John, nor Cornelius the Centurion were baptized “properly,” in accordance with Christ’s direct command! (See Acts 8:14-17; 10:44-46)

What is even more intriguing is that even the most erudite and profound thinker of the Christian theology, namely the Apostle Paul, does not seem to know that he is to baptize the faithful in the name of a compounded deity! This way, the believers in Ephesus receive an “improper baptism” at the hands of Paul himself! (See Acts 19:1-6)

As far as the extra-biblical evidence is concerned, Eusebius of Caesarea (c. 260 – 340 CE), an early Church Father, cites Matthew 28:19 at least twenty-one times in his writings! Every single time, his quotation lacks the Trinitarian formula! In all of his works written between 300-336 C.E., such as: “Commentaries on the Psalms” and “Commentaries on Isaiah,”  “Demonstratio Evangelica,” and “Theophania,” “Ecclesiastical History,” and “Oration in Praise of Emperor Constantine," Eusebius always quotes it as “Go ye, and make disciples of all nations in my name.”

An obvious conclusion then is: the Trinitarian text of Matthew 28:19 was concocted by the Church to support her doctrine of the Most Blessed Trinity! Not only is the Dogma of a three-headed deity totally foreign to the Hebrew Scriptures, it is nowhere to be found in the original text of the New Testament either!


Divine Reversal

Iran Vs IsraelMany of us are completely unaware of the fact that during the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, as we all celebrated the awesome Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the modern day Sennacherib (see II Kings 18), was being welcomed in the “hallowed halls” of the United Nations in New York!

The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has often been compared to his infamous “Arian” predecessor, Adolph Hitler. Both men dedicated their lives and leadership skills toward one insane idea of the total annihilation of the Jewish People. Inflamed by the beliefs of the “Twelver Imam,” the contemporary “King” of Assyria has never budged from his murderous rhetoric regarding Israel by a single inch.

Today’s Iran is what used to comprise the heart of the mighty and arrogant Assyrian Empire, which destroyed the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 721 BCE. Today, once again, Iran’s primary target is Israel. Whether it is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s repeated threat to “wipe Israel off the map,” or the Supreme Ayatollah calling Israel “a cancerous tumor which must be removed,” or Iran’s top military commander Hassan Firouzabadi projecting “the full annihilation of the Zionist regime,” the tiny Chosen Nation of Israel faces another mortal threat to its very existence.

There is, however, a potent divine irony and a mighty reversal of fortunes at work in the ongoing drama in the Middle East, which many analysts and commentators on the topic have failed to grasp. Unlike in the former times, when Israel was weakened by its idolatrous practices and therefore oppressed and exiled by Assyria in the 8th century BCE, the Israel of today is an undisputed military, political and spiritual powerhouse of the entire Middle East.

Zion’s preeminence among the nations of the Middle East comes as a fulfillment of a stunning prophecy concerning the LORD’s Suffering Servant in Isaiah 53: “Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.” (Is. 53:12)- Truly, the Nation of Israel is that Suffering Servant!

Militarily speaking, the 6-million-strong nation of the Jews could have easily taken on the modern-day Assyria turning its cities into heaps of rubble and abasing its hubris in the dust and ashes! In fact, should Israel choose to do so, it could have wiped out all of its 60-million-strong Arab neighbors in one fell swoop! The People of God, however, are not some pagan Assyrian nation, bent on destruction and conquest. Unlike its militant neighbors, Israel is a free, democratic and peace-loving nation, deserving of our admiration and whole-hearted support!

God bless Israel!


The Suffering Messiah?

Hebrew TextWe all know the heart-wrenching story of Jesus’ trials in the Garden of Gethsemane all too well, don’t we? After all, all the four Gospels record that episode in Jesus’ life with intense earnestness and pathos. It constitutes the core of what the Church terms “the Passion of Chrirst," and is at the heart of Christian belief in the substitutionary sacrifice provided by God through His Son on the Cross.

Now imagine for a brief moment that there comes along a theologian of another faith, let us say, Bahai Faith, who boldly claims that the real person who suffered at the hands of the wicked was not Jesus Christ at all. In fact, - he claims, - the suffering figure of the Gethsemane was the founder of Baha’i Faith, the 19th-century man known as Bahá'u'lláh. According to the new “interpretation,” Bahá'u'lláh suffered at the hands of evil Christians for the salvation of the faithful! What would you say?

You’d probably conclude that the person propounding these claims is either a deranged lunatic or a man with a twisted theological agenda. You would also laugh at the sheer preposterousness of the proposed claims, because the evidence to the contrary is abundantly evident in the text of all the four Gospels as well! Let us now take a look at the real-life situation where claims similar to those advocated by our hypothetical fraudster took place, shall we?

For the past two thousand years, despite the overwhelming textual evidence present in the Bible, the text of Isaiah 53 has been served to the unsuspecting public as referring exclusively to Jesus Christ and no one else! Even the numbering of chapters in that famous book was designed by the “clever” Church doctrinaires in such a way as to make the detection of the fraud unlikely! (The original text was not broken into chapters, of course).

In reality, the passage of Isaiah 53 should start with Isaiah 52:13, which states: “Behold, My Servant shall deal prudently; He shall be exalted and extolled and be very high.” – Who is the LORD’s Servant according to the biblical text itself? Prior to the 53d chapter, perhaps the most “abused” chapter in the entire Bible, the Holy Text identifies the Servant of God as Israel! It does so for more than twelve or thirteen times in a row (See Isaiah 41-52)!

The fact that the Church has been able to fool its constituency for such a long time speaks volumes of the general spiritual darkness and illiteracy of the world’s population! As you can see, the imaginary scenario with a crook theologian presented above is not such a far-fetched notion, after all! The truth, my friends, is often stranger than any fiction!

Only as part of Israel, the Covenant People of God, can the Jewish Messiah be portrayed by means of Isaiah 53! The preeminence, however, is given by the Holy Scriptures to the Collective Servant of the People of Israel, who have suffered unjustly at the hands of the Gentile nations throughout the history of this world!


 A Man Worship?!

Joseph and PharaohThousands of years before Christianity “transformed” a Jewish man into the Second Person within a tri-headed deity, another humble Jewish man found himself elevated to the position of the “second-in-command” to the Pharaoh of Egypt, who was worshiped as god on Earth by the subjects of his realm.

As the second youngest son of Jacob, Joseph had been sold into slavery by his jealous brothers many years before his “promotion” took place. His stay in the idolatrous land of Egypt had been marked by severe tests and harsh trials of his character. He endured through them all, proving his unswerving loyalty to his Master, the Living God of Israel.

When summoned by the Egyptian “god-on-Earth” to interpret his troubling dreams, Joseph refused to accept the honor for his uncanny abilities, ascribing all the glory to the One worthy of it: “So Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, “It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace.” (Gen. 41:16)-

Joseph’s ultimate goal in life, just as that of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob prior to him, was to lead the world to the Source of all blessedness and goodness, - the Holy One of Israel! His mission in the midst of polytheistic Egypt was the same as that of the Nation of Israel after him, - to be the light unto the Gentiles, leading them out of the darkness of idolatry and polytheism and into the ethical monotheism of the Patriarchs!

Having expounded upon Pharaoh’s dreams, however, Joseph was proclaimed to be Pharaoh’s second-in-command, with everyone in Egypt required to “bow their knees before him”: “And he had him ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried out before him, “Bow the knee!” So he set him over all the land of Egypt.” (Gen. 41:43)

Although Joseph pointed to the One Living God as the source of his wisdom and understanding, the idolatrous Egyptians had little time for the invisible gods and craved to worship something tangible to their senses. Although they came to bow in worshipful reverence to Joseph the man, they failed to know his God, the Holy One of Jacob! Even the presence of the entire clan of Israel in that polytheistic land did not change the propensity of the Egyptians to idolatry and polytheism. God truly had done all He could for Egypt, prior to leading His faithful servant out of its degrading midst!

The maxim that “history repeats itself” is certainly true with respect to Christianity. Due to its intrinsic propensity toward idolatry and polytheism, the Greco-Roman world of the Christian Church failed to embrace the Jewish concept of One God, inventing a three-personed deity in His stead! By means of many deliberate mistranslations of the Hebrew Bible into Greek, through a fanciful exegesis of some unrelated passages and by corrupting the text of the New Testament , the Church Dogma “propelled” yet another Jewish man to some “celestial heights”! Jesus of Nazareth became the Second Person of the "Most Blessed" Trinity!

Is it not a high time for the billions of the “faithful” within Christendom to come to their senses and start worshiping the God of the Jews instead of just a Jew?


Who is the Great “I AM”?

Jesus the JewI love my Christian brothers and sisters and fully sympathize with their unenviable predicament of trying to reconcile their earnest desire to believe in and worship One God of the Jewish Bible with their dogma of the “Most Blessed Trinity”! Theirs is a pitiable plight indeed!

One of the perennial scriptural favorites that my dear Church friends cite in support for their belief in Trinity is Jesus’ own words in the Gospel of John. In John 8:58, Jesus purportedly proclaims: “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.”

With a noticeable triumph in their sincere voices they proceed to elucidate that the title “I AM” is the ineffable Name of the God of Israel which He discloses to Moses at the burning bush in the story of Exodus. For them the case is closed, - they have won the debate before it even started!

During one of my recent conversations on this very topic, I decided to illustrate to my Christian friends their sweet naiveté and lack of proper Scriptural education. Right after they had pointed out the two aforementioned verses from the Bible as their “ultimate proof” for Jesus’ “true identity,” I asked one of them a question: “Are you an American?” His answer was quick and to the point: “Yes, I AM!” Apparently my collocutor was just as much “god” as Jesus in the Gospels! (Did not he use the same title in his response?)

Allow me now to explain the truth of the matter to every fair-minded lover of God! First of all, the famous phrase “I AM!” was put in Jesus’ mouth by the author of the most Greek-minded Gospel in the New Testament. Just read the book carefully, paying close attention to the way the writer of the Gospel pits his intended audience against “the Jews.” In short, the Gospel according to John is one of the most anti-Semitic documents within the corpus of the NT!

Secondly, the title that Jesus allegedly ascribes to himself in the Gospel has nothing in common with the Name of God appearing in Exodus 3:14! Surprised?! Just as my fellow debater’s answer “I AM!” to the question about his national identity does not make him equal to God, so Jesus’ Greek phrase “Ego’ Eimee’” does not invoke the Sacred Name of the Almighty! There is simply no connection among them, whatsoever!

When the Living God revealed His Holy Name to Moses, He did so in the context of identifying Himself four times as “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!” As such, He confirmed that His Name shall always be “Ehye Asher Ehye!” Simply put, God said that He will always be known as the God of Israel! Besides, the Hebrew phrase “Ehye Asher Ehye” does not mean “I AM,” but rather “I SHALL BE”!


(1) If you want to prove Jesus’ divine identity from an English-speaking Bible, you are bound to end up with millions of other “I AMs” in the world! This illustrates the relationship between Greek and Hebrew as well.

(2) The Greek “Ego’ Eimee’” has no linguistic connection whatsoever to the Hebrew “Ehye Asher Ehye”! Only if John’s Gospel had been written in Hebrew, with Jesus utilizing the Holy Tongue of Hebrew, could we equate the two titles as the same. Jesus the Jew, however, would have spoken Aramaic and would never have blasphemed by ascribing the Name of the Almighty to himself!

(3) Since the writer of the Gospel was a Greek-speaking Gentile, and a Jew hater at that, his testimony is self-evident! Case closed, beloved!



Luther and HitlerShort, scrawny and nervous-looking, Adolph Hitler was somewhat of an “artiste” during his young adulthood years in Vienna, Austria. He made a meager living by painting Vienna’s historic landscapes and peddling those to people in the street.

In time, Adolph’s artistically impressionable and perpetually unstable mind came under two primary influences . . . His inspiration for the “National Socialist Germany” was sustained by the music of a native German composer, Wilhelm Richard Wagner. His ideological hatred for the Jewish People found its foundation in the lifework of a celebrated German theologian, Martin Luther!

“The Great German Church Reformer” and “the Father of Protestant Christianity,” Martin Luther was a true son of the Catholic Church and a vicious antisemite, whose works “inspired and substantiated” Hitler’s hatred for the Chosen Nation!

Having failed in converting the Jews to his “new revelation of Christianity,” Luther turned to the “tried and tested” means of dealing with the stubborn monotheists, namely curses, threats and physical violence!

In Part XI of his infamous work “On Jews and Their Lies,” written in 1543, Luther ardently sermonized:

“What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people, the Jews? . . .
I shall give you my sincere advice: First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools and to bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians . . .

November 10th marks the birthday of Martin Luther. The Lutheran Church, named after the German Reformer, will lead the rest of ignorant Christendom in festive celebrations of the man whose name deserves to be covered with infamy!

It is noteworthy that exactly 74 years ago, on this very day, Hitler and his Nazi menials threw a lavish birthday party for their favorite Christian theologian and reformer! “The Crystal Night,” or Kristallnacht in German vernacular, was a state-sponsored pogrom, or rather a series of coordinated attacks, against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria on November 9-10, 1938. For German killers it was the “night of broken glass”; for the Jewish community it was the night if shattered lives!

Rampaging mobs throughout Germany, Austria and Sudetenland freely attacked Jews in the streets, in their homes and at their places of work and worship in a carefully orchestrated outbreak of government sponsored violence. At least 96 Jews were killed with hundreds more injured; almost a thousand synagogues were burned; around 7,500 Jewish businesses were destroyed; cemeteries and schools were vandalized; and 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps – many of them never to return alive to their loved ones. Many historians consider that as the real beginning of the Holocaust, the first step in the planned extermination of the Jewish people leading to the eventual deaths of six million victims of the Nazi program of genocide.

Together with millions of Jewish People I am waiting for the Lutheran Church to come up with a sincere and concrete apology for the hateful theology of their Founding Father! Until the entire Protestant Church has denounced its Primary Hero’s lifework of hate, the curse of the Almighty will continue to weigh heavily over them!

Find the truth – leave the lies behind!


Special Season . . .

Christmas Tree in SanctuaryAll through the year, our patriotic citizens are quite happy and content to have an American Flag proudly displayed in their Church sanctuaries, right in front of the entire congregations. No one seems to mind the fact that the American flag is crowned by the same Roman Eagle that sat atop all of pagan Roman regalia in ages past.

Historically speaking, whenever the Greco-Roman Empire wanted to outrage monotheistic Jews, it forced the presence of the Roman Eagle into Jerusalem and then into its very Temple as well! For the Jewish Nation that act was the height of abomination that desecrated the holiness of God’s People!

During the wintry holidays of Christmas and New Year, however, something else is happening around the Christian world! In addition to the Flag, positioned in such a way that the worshipers may never forget who they really worship, Christian homes and their “sanctuaries” are being filled with sacred forest trees!

The Prophet Jeremiah addressed this issue in one of his powerful oracles: “Thus said the LORD: Do not learn to go the way of the Gentiles . . . For the laws of the Gentiles are delusions: . . . He cuts down a tree in the forest with an ax, he adorns it with silver and gold, he fastens it with nails and hammer, So that it does not totter. . .” (Jer. 10:2-4) – Apparently, our modern “sophisticated” world is just as primitive and idolatrous as the pagans of the past!

Leading up to the time when all the “faithful” will start dancing around the sacred fir trees in their homes and other places of gathering, is the Season of Advent. The entire Western world of Christendom is waiting for the arrival of . . . Winter Solstice Day, December 25th on the Julian/Gregorian Calendar (another heirloom of the “Holy Roman Empire”). Joining hands with countless other worshippers of the Sun-cult, the Christian Church will lead the “nations” in the birth of God-the-Sun (did I misspell it?)

Long before Christianity adopted the Day of Winter Solstice for the Birthday of Jesus Christ, pagans worshiped Tammuz on the very same day. In Babylonia, Tammuz was worshiped as a Sumerian shepherd-god! Depicted as a male figure carrying cross-shaped sticks in his hands, Tammuz was the deity of “Life - Death - and Rebirth”! The T-shaped, (or should I say, Cross-shaped), amulets were worn by the ancient devotees of Tammuz as a means of protection against an evil eye and other spiritual “dangers”!

Through His servant Ezekiel, the LORD warned His people of this abomination: “And He said to me, “Turn again, and you will see greater abominations that they are doing.” So He brought me to the door of the north gate of the LORD’s house; and to my dismay, women were sitting there weeping for Tammuz.” (vv.13-14) - Tammuz was believed to be dying every year, on the Day of Summer Solstice, when the days began to wane. He was proclaimed to be “born anew” (raised from the dead) on the Day of Winter Solstice, when the sun daylight began to increase!

In her restless drive to create a new religion, as far removed from the original Jewish faith in One God of Israel as possible, the Church chose to build its faith and theology on the ancient foundations of pagan religions! The myths of Tammuz and the Roman deity of Janus, whose “holy days” of Christmas and New Year were successfully baptized by the Christian Church, were among many others that have been "given" to the unwashed masses of Christendom by their loving Mother Church!

Where did you put your Christmas tree this year? Is it in your living room?