The One Thing Paramount!

What is it that gives your existence its ultimate meaning? Have you discovered the key to your life’s happiness, fulfillment and abiding joy? Where does your sense of security and confidence come from? Who is your God? Until we have grappled with questions like these, we have not even begun to live in earnest and may well be wasting the precious time allotted to each and every one of us on this planet!

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Worshiping the Falsehood

Can an overwhelming majority of people be totally wrong when it comes to the most important questions in life? Is it possible that more than 2 billion people today, all of whom belong to a bewildering variety of Christian churches, worship a false god, whom neither Jesus Christ nor any other true biblical prophet knew or advocated? These are the questions raised in this presentation on the religion of Babylon!

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The Modern-day Babylon
In the minds of the inspired writers of the Holy Scriptures the ancient city-state of Babylon came to be associated with the pagan worship of multiple deities and became a symbol of insatiable persecution of God’s true monotheists, the people of Israel. Did you know that another Babylon is alive and well today, thriving on spiritual ignorance and apathy? Who is she and what are her goals today? full story